About Broadside Enterprises, Inc.

Broadside Enterprises, INC.

Broadside Enterprises, Inc. (OTC: BRSE)

We are a publicly traded company with four divisions: Media, Branded Goods, Real Estate and Blockchain Technologies.

Broadside Enterprises, Inc.

We are building a fast-growing modern company with a diversified stream of revenue and assets based on integrity, transparency, team work and accountability.

We are focused on high-potential media and fashion properties especially with regards to global direct-to-consumer connections.

Our real estate endeavors are broad in scope and include a focus on Africa and the Middle East.

We are an equal opportunity employer and believe in diversity and the fair and respectful treatment of all.

Meet our Team

Our Mission

Disrupt with a social conscience.


Broadside Enterprises, Inc.’s corporate philosophy is to engage in a socially and ecologically responsible manner.

In our endeavors, we will seek to partner with international and local non-profit organizations to assist in achieving this goal.